Our Story

We have always told our children that our meat tastes so good because when we cook it, it has our love in it. Well, we care so much about our cows they get a lot of our love. So maybe there is something in that expression.  We believe everything we do for our cows affects the flavour including, the perfect combination of angus and wagyu, being 100% grass fed and finished, and being naturally raised in a stress-free,  pristine forest environment. We have beautiful karri loam soils that are rich in organic matter, minerals and microbes. We use a planned rotational grazing system with grass pastures paired with our meadow hay produced here on the farm to give our cows a happy healthy life raised on grass all year-round. Being grass fed & finished our beef has the perfect ratio of omega 3 to 6 for our health-conscious consumers to really be able to enjoy eating our beef.  We want our customers (you) to have what we have always fed our children and ourselves. The most flavourful, healthy, naturally produced beef. And being at least 50% or more Wagyu, the tenderness is amazing!

Our Cows

We have reduced our herd to around only 50 angus and wagyu breeders. One of the many reasons we chose to breed red wagyu bulls with our angus cows is the time our calves get to enjoy living on our farm. Wagyu are a slow growing breed which is one of the reasons they have the good marbling in the meat. This means we keep the calves on the farm for a minimum of two and a half years. Most grass-fed beef sold in Western Australia leaves the farm at around 10-12 months of age. Caring for our cattle ethically includes giving them a longer life living as nature intended, eating good healthy grass. Our family is passionate about this land we have been so blessed to take care of and feel privileged to be able to care for our beautiful cows while they fertilise and regenerate the farms soils all the while putting carbon from the atmosphere back where it belongs. In the soil! We are also focussing on rehydrating the land by putting leaky weirs in our creek lines to slow the flow of the water and reduce erosion. Our creek line is now fenced from the cattle and we are trying to increase the biodiversity and restore the creek line to its natural form.With our regeneratively grazed cows you can have your beef and eat it too!

Farmer Richard

Richard is a second-generation farmer and his 96-year-old father still
calls to see how the farm is going. Richard’s passion
for his farm and his cows is contagious, so all the family feel the same
way. Having worked side by side with his parents and eight siblings
growing up, Richard was fortunate enough to be able to purchase
Belvedere Valley Farm from his parents. His farm and his cows are his
life. Judith his wife often jokes about who is his number 1! She agrees
she’s happy being last on the list when it’s calving season, their girls
have to be the priority.

At Belvedere Valley

We are passionate about the land we are so blessed to be the
custodians of, for future generations. We love our cows like our children
(in fact sometimes they get more attention). We believe this love and
respect is all part of why our regeneratively pasture grazed grass-fed for life
wagyu beef is so good. Tender in care, tender in taste.