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    Each month we will be offering our Wagyu50 Club members first choice of a variety of Wagyu50 beef boxes, including 8kg All-rounder boxes, Gift boxed Tomahawk steaks and a few smaller 3-4kg special mini boxes. The contents of each box, prices and availability will vary each month depending on the carcass weights and marbling scores of the beef and customer feedback. We have a very limited supply of this very unique product and as our Wagyu50 Club Membership grows there will be less promotion elsewhere. So, if you are interested in purchasing some of our amazing Wagyu50 beef then add your details below to be on THE LIST!

    We will be offering these to our Wagyu50 Club Members a small selection of boxes shortly.

    Leave a comment below and let us know what cuts of beef you like best, how thick you like your steaks etc. or what's your favourite way to cook beef and anything else that will help us work out what we should put in each box.