Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How will Belvedere Valley 100% grass fed Wagyu50 be packaged?

Ans: Where ever possible we use environmentally friendly, sustainable and recyclable products and we are always looking for something better. Another way we are trying to help our planet. Our meat will be cryovaced for freshness and reduced packaging. Our boxes can be recycled.

Q2: When will Belvedere Valley 100% grass fed Wagyu50 beef be available?

Ans: Our first 100% grass fed and finished premium Wagyu50 products will be availabel approximately every 6 weeks for this year. Farmer Richard will be monitoring the cattle and our land to give our customers the very best quality and tastiest meat. It’s a waiting game with Wagyu and this year has been a tough dry season, with little rain so far. Make sure you subscribe so you will be first to know when it’s ‘Wagyu Week’!

Q3: Is Belvedere Valley beef organic?

Ans: In a word Yes., however we are not certified yet. At Belvedere Valley we farm regeneratively. Part of that process is using many organic practices. Just remember not all organic practices regenerate the land. We are in fact beyond organic.